Exports Controls & Defence Exports

Export of dual-use products and services and arms and munitions, military stores is regulated through various Acts, Rules and regulations i.e FTDR Act , Arms Act etc. Our members receive comprehensive advisory services , training through experts and policy makers from time to time. Seminars, conferences, routine outreach missions help them to familiarize with global regulatory standards in respect of dual-use exports. Capacity building and technology absorption through offset route is special area of focus. Members are helped to build internal controls to comply with global standards such as those enforced through Wassennaar Arrangement etc.

Strategic Commerce

DISA understands the strategic commerce marketplace and assists members business to integrate into global supply chain.
We look at technology, organizational structure, business processes and partnerships to help our clients determine the most cost effective strategy to meet their business goals .
Our consulting includes the following areas:
⇒ Best practices
⇒ Site Analysis
⇒ Online Marketing Strategy & Management
⇒ Strategic Planning
⇒ Vendor Selection
⇒ Technology Evaluation and Selection
The key is that adding new technology to an organization that cannot effectively utilize it, won’t achieve the desired results.  So our service in this area is a crucial part of any of our platform projects.

Defense Procurements & Offset Compliances

Our members are rapidly building capacity to meet offset compliances . Defense procurements currently fall into various categories ie Buy Indian/Global’, meaning outright purchase from Indian/foreign manufacturers; ‘Buy and Make’ and ‘Buy and Make (Indian)’, meaning buying from foreign/Indian vendor followed by Transfer of Technology and production in India; and ‘Make (Indian)’, meaning development of the product in India from scratch etc. The DPP mandates that for any contract above Rs 300 crore in the ‘Buy’ and ‘Buy and Make’ categories, offsets corresponding to 30 per cent of the value of the contract are compulsory. Which means the vendor has to invest 30 per cent (of the cost of the contract) in Indian industry so as to have indigenous content in the product.

Investments & Joint ventures

DISA assists members to find joint venture partners within India and overseas in accordance with prevailing FDI policy in defense manufacturing. Special focus area is finding tech-rich SMEs overseas and encouraging them to relocate manufacturing through local partners.